Kate’s Story

Kate’s Storydeb&kate

“Ten years ago and right before Christmas, my daughter realized her dream of living independently from me and moved into a residence owned and staffed by Independence Association. I was distraught and unsure of this move as she is my only child and I wanted only the best for her. To ensure that Kate is “living a full and inclusive life in her chosen community”, the caring staff in her home and day programs work closely with me. When I see Kate’s smile light up the room and hear that contagious laugh, I know she is safe, happy and thriving. What more could a mother want for her beloved child?” –Debbie Dionne

Independence Association is so proud of Kate. Kate is a champion full of energy, independence and courage. She gives 100 % to everything she does in the community. Her laughter, smile and energy bring great joy to all of us at IA. We are so grateful Kate is part of our IA family. Thank you, Kate.