Mitch’s Story

Mitch’s Story2015-05-17 09.13.14

“Our son Mitch is 37 and has Down Syndrome. He is a healthy and happy young person who is a joy to be around. Mitch has experienced programs in many towns and cities inside and outside the United States. The best by far has been Independence Association, (IA) in Brunswick, Maine. IA has allowed Mitch the freedom and safety to live and grow as a part of the Brunswick community. Between the CommunityWorks and Spindleworks programs, Mitch is always challenged with opportunities to learn something new, while making friends along the way. For the first time in Mitch’s adult life IA’s programs have allowed him to have a large circle of friends who in turn support each other. These friends and IA provide support that has given Mitch and many others the freedom to safely experience downtown Brunswick, as any citizen would; roaming from the Big Top Deli where he is employed, to other businesses along Maine Street. IA believes in inclusivity for all people. Mitch serves as a shining example of this belief. He lives as a young man who exercises his rights and desires as a fully participating member of his Brunswick community. We are very fortunate that Independence Association is there for Mitch and our community.” –Beth Pfeifle

Independence Association is so grateful to have Mitch in our IA family. His joy of life, his spirit and his passion for art and sports inspire us all to strive towards a more fulfilling life. Thank you, Mitch.