Partners /Sponsors

Dear future event partner or company race team,

We are inviting you to join in the 50th Anniversary celebration of the founding of Independence Association. We welcome you to join our 2015, 2016 & 2017 platinum partner, Androscoggin Bank.

Platinum Event Sponsor
Platinum Event Sponsor

We would be honored to have your business as an event partner or entered as a team in our signature event, the 4th annual “Run for Independence”.

Our event serves as a means to raise funds and awareness focused on benefiting individuals with Intellectual Disabilities in the Mid Coast region. This year we are reaching beyond the Mid Coast region, encouraging participation by all citizens of all abilities throughout the state. We truly invite everyone to join us in this inspiring all inclusive “Celebration of Ability”.

sp pkt cover2015Click the image to the left to view and download our Race Partnership Opportunity Packet. All the information you need to sponsor the event or enter a team is included within the packet.

Independence Association is grateful to the many people and businesses that have helped us recently and through our formative years as a community based agency of care, advocacy and inclusion. Because of your support many of the individuals we serve have been able to remain connected to their families and are active members of this community.

More than ever we are in need of additional support during these difficult economic times as many changes are happening rapidly that will directly affect the people we serve. Your support will help us continue our work into the future.

Please join us and the entire community by supporting this celebration that promotes inclusiveness while enriching the community as a whole. We ask that you review this packet and consider becoming one of our partners.

Any amount of partnership helps but we do need several larger partners to ensure that this event is successful.

We look forward to your contribution and hope to see you at the starting line.

Thank You Sincerely,deb&kate

Deborah Dionne

Parent & Chairperson, Board of Directors Independence Association